Division of Personnel Explains myCigna Change to Begin Online on March 17

Like many health care, financial services and tech companies, Cigna is taking an additional step in helping to protect its customers’ personal information. Starting March 17, Cigna will require the use of two-step authentication for my Cigna online account access. Two-step authentication, which is also called multi-factor authentication, adds an extra layer of protection to its customers’ myCigna accounts by requiring their password plus a unique code to log in. Customers who have not yet added two-step authentication will not be able to access their online account until they complete the two-step authentication setup process.

Customers can expect the following:

Cigna will send email notifications to all customers who have not turned on two-step authentication and notify them it will now be required instead of optional.

Customers will be directed to the myCigna login screen, where they can start the process.

To use two-step authentication, customers must use a valid mobile phone number or valid email address.

If there are any questions or for assistance, contact Cigna Onsite Representatives: Jennifer Gumbs-Chinnery at 714-7386/ email at Jennifer.Gumbs-Chinnery@Cigna.com or Shinika Miller at 719-8081/ email at Shinika.Miller@Cigna.com. People can also contact Cigna’s Technical Support at 1-800-853-2713, available 24/7/365.