DLCA, DOH, VIFS Issue Citations to Restaurants, Taverns, Grocery Stores

DLCA keeps track of possible violations of food safety laws

From Nov. 14-16, after regular business hours, the Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) enforcement team collaborated with the V.I. Department of Health (DOH) inspectors and the Virgin Islands Fire Service (VIFS) inspectors to visit a number of restaurants, tavern keepers and grocery stores on St. John to ensure compliance with each department’s respective rules and regulations.

Businesses received citations for various infractions of each department’s respective rules and regulations. DLCA issued citations for operating outside the scope of one’s business license, operating without a business license or selling expired products. DLCA closed one grocery store for selling too many expired products on its shelves, including medication. DOH permitted three restaurants to voluntarily close in lieu of health violations. VIFS issued citations to every business it inspected.

“DLCA shall continue to collaborate with DOH and VIFS to ensure consumers purchase non-expired foods from grocery stores and order safe, properly handled food from sanitary restaurants. Residents and visitors of the Virgin Islands deserve the best and nothing less,” said Commissioner Richard Evangelista. “The power to avoid a citation or a business closure is in the hands of a business to ensure there are no expired goods on its shelf or in the hands of a restaurant or tavern keeper to improve food safety.”

The commissioner also thanks the DOH and VIFS for their support and collaboration with this operation.

Businesses with questions may contact the Office of the Commissioner directly at 713-6916. For consumer related issues, email consumerawareness@dlca.vi.gov or follow us on Facebook.