DLCA Market Basket Survey Encourages Consumers to Compare Prices and Save Money

The DLCA informs the public of its Market Basket Survey each month. (file photo)

Commissioner Richard T. Evangelista Esq. of the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) notifies the public of its St. Croix and St. Thomas Market Basket Survey findings, which were completed on March 15. The survey consists of a smaller number of items than usual due to staffing challenges; however, DLCA knows that people rely on the information to make informed purchases.

The survey is designed to inform consumers of which stores have the best prices no matter the brand of staple grocery items. The number of items compared on each island varies as a result of comparison guidelines that require items to be identical to produce a valid survey. Consumers may see Market Basket Surveys at www.dlca.vi.gov

On St. Croix, five stores were surveyed: Pueblo Golden Rock, Pueblo La Reine, Plaza Extra East, The Market, and Stop and Shop Supermarket. A total of 46 of the same items were compared at each location.  The Market had a market basket cost of $221.50.  Pueblo La Reine and Pueblo Golden Rock had a market basket cost of $223.71 and $228.59, respectively.  Plaza Extra East had a market basket cost of $237.20. Stop and Shop Supermarket market basket cost was found at $234.64.

On St. Thomas, four stores were surveyed: The Market, Food Center, Pueblo Long Bay, and Pueblo Sub Base. A total of 25 of the same items were compared at each location. The Market had a market basket cost of $111.85. Pueblo Long Bay and Pueblo Sub Base had a market basket cost of $121.19 and $114.09, respectively. Food Center’s market basket cost was found to be $150.25.

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The Market Basket Survey was not completed for the district of St. John. DLCA will include St. John’s Market Basket cost in its April 2023 territorial basket survey.

Consumers are reminded to shop wisely and compare food prices to make the best economic choices. Consumers or merchants with questions may contact Consumer Affairs Division on St. Croix at 713-3522, on St. Thomas at 714-3522, or on St. John at 693-8036.

For consumer-related issues, contact DLCA via email at consumerawareness@dlca.vi.gov or follow it on Facebook.