DLCA to Conduct Business Amnesty Day for Food and Gas Retailers

DLCA Commissioner Devin Carrington tells Senate Finance Committee about the challenges his agency faces in the wake of last season's hurricanes.
DLCA Commissioner Devin Carrington (Image courtesy of the V.I. Legislature)

The U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) informs the public that it will be conducting an amnesty day in all districts for food and gas retailers.

Retailers who have not submitted pricelists throughout the 2018 hurricane study, which began June 1, 2018, will be able to submit all lists. All submissions will be subject to inspections and further studies; all fraudulent submissions will be noted as violations to Virgin Islands law. Violators will be notified and held responsible based on business compliance statutes. Businesses will be able to submit prices to a survey by this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018DLCAHurricaneStudyVI or by QR code:

Businesses that submit in person must sign and certify that the items being submitted are valid. In order to be a legitimate submitter, an individual must be an authorized agent completing the action on behalf of the named entity. Businesses are encouraged to update portal information regularly and should send the individual listed as point of contact (POC) because the POCs listed are responsible for monitoring DLCA Compliance Messages sent through the Licensing Portal.

“The Department continues to serve Notices of Violation to all who have reportedly violated consumer rights from the 2017 hurricane study. We would like to meet businesses half way in efforts to help consumers now before the situation comes to a point where the lack of information allows for less efficiency in compliance enforcement,” said DLCA Commissioner Devin Carrington.

For more information, visit DLCA on Facebook @dlcavi or email info@dlca.vi.gov.