Doggie Harassment: Your V.I. Police Department at Work


Your article on the interference of our police department in the lives of its citizens highlights how this government agency really spends its time. What a relief to know that the cop on the beat has set himself up as an interpreter of the V.I. Code.

No drug busts for him. You’ll never be able to accuse him of arresting an armed robber or home invader. This department, which has a homicide clearance rate even worse than that of Washington, D.C.(the worst in the country), is expert at apprehending motorists with unrestrained pets in their vehicles. Whew! We have nothing to worry about now.

In another issue of your paper, Sgt. Thomas Hannah, who has had his foot in his mouth ever since I can remember, implies that if only St. John residents complied with the V.I. Code for goodness sake – and refrained from leaving children under the age of 16 home alone – then they never would have been held up at gunpoint. Thanks for that hot tip, Sgt. Hannah.

When was the last time you heard of an arrest in one of these cases? How many ski masks can there be on St. John anyhow? But then why should a cop want to take a chance on arresting his own relatives?

I am not signing this letter. After all, this is a police force (with officers) who assassinate their own members over narcotics stashes in the station house, murder their significant others at an alarming rate and take payoffs at every possible opportunity. They are armed and dangerous: your police force at work for you.