Domino Has Cheapest Gas on St. John at $4.53 Per Gallon for Regular

Domino Service Station employee Earren Wesselhoft hams it up near the gas station’s sign proclaiming the cheapest gasoline on St. John.

As fuel prices continue to soar due to the increasing cost of oil on world markets, the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs Wednesday made public the findings of its bi-weekly survey of gasoline prices across the territory. 

“DLCA will regularly inform the public on the findings of its fuel survey in the St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix districts so as to provide timely information to motorists as to where they can get the best bargain for each dollar they spend re-fueling their vehicles,” said Kenrick Robertson, Commissioner of DLCA.

The most recent survey was completed by the DLCA Division of Consumer Protection Services on Tuesday, May 27.  

On St. John, the best bargain for the consumer was found at Domino Oil which offered self-service regular octane gasoline at $4.36 per gallon. Domino on St. John offered full-service premium octane gasoline at $4.47 per gallon.

The only other service station on St. John, E&C, sold self-service regular octane at $4.65 a gallon and sold self-service premium octane at $4.82 a gallon.  E&C does not offer full-service.

That, however, was last week. Prices at Domino have risen to $4.53 per gallon for regular octane and $4.60 for premium.

At E&C, the price of gas is $4.65 per gallon for regular octane and $4.82 per gallon for premium octane.

On St. Croix, the lowest price per gallon of self-service regular octane gasoline, $3.37. The best buy on self-service premium gasoline was $3.47 per gallon.  The best full-service regular octane gasoline price was $3.69 per gallon. The best buy on full-service premium gasoline was $3.79 per gallon.  

On St. Thomas, the best price per gallon of self-service regular gasoline was $4.18. The best price per gallon of self-service premium gasoline was $4.29.  For full-service regular gasoline, the best price per gallon was $4.27. For full- service premium gasoline, the best price $4.37 per gallon.   

Diesel fuel averaged $4.22 per gallon on St. Croix; $4.74 per gallon on St. John and $4.58 per gallon on St. Thomas.
The HOVENSA rack rate is set at $2.92 per gallon of regular gasoline and $3.05 per gallon of premium gasoline. The rack rate, which includes a seven cents fuel tax, is the rate which HOVENSA sells fuel products to independent gas stations on St. Croix.

By comparison, the cost of regular octane gasoline ranged from $3.69 -$3.96 per gallon at HESS branded service stations in New Jersey.

Commissioner Robertson said Wednesday that DLCA will continue to monitor the variations in the price of fuel between St. Thomas and St. Croix especially given the fact that the HOVENSA refinery is positioned on St. Croix.  

“We will be looking into the price differences to determine whether St. Thomas and St. John residents are being overcharged at the pump given the HOVENSA rack rate and the considerable mark-up in price that our survey reveals,” said the DLCA commissioner.