Don’t Be Tempted by Easy Money

Dear Tradewinds,

The Tradewinds printed a classified ad by a person wanting to buy 100 Bananaquits for $5 each. The reason stated was the bird population on Lovango had been depleted by Hurricane Marilyn. I’m disappointed that the Tradewinds would agree to run this ad. To encourage this type of bird trade is risky, possibly illegal but definitely a hazard to the birds.

Relocating animals is a job left to trained professionals. Birds are easily panicked and shocked. In the wrong hands of the everyday person trapping the birds will lead to their injury and death.  Natural forces change the environment on a regular basis. That the birds haven’t returned to Lovango on their own in the years since Marilyn demonstrate that the habitat is no longer suitable. It’s a short flight to Lovango. If the environment was attractive to them, they would go there.

I urge the writer of the letter to enjoy the islands’ birds where they live and let nature take its course. I urge the Tradewinds to not run this ad, and lastly I urge islanders to not be tempted by the possibility of some easy money. 

L. Mercadante
Hard Labor