Don’t Give Sirenusa One More Chance

Dec. 10, 2006
Ms. Marjorie Emmanuel, Director
DPNR’s Comprehensive and Coastal Zone Planning

Dear Ms. Emmanuel,
I am writing to add my voice to those raised against granting the Sirenusa project any zoning variance.
They have yet to comply with any existing rules and regulations. They are thumbing their nose at DPNR, the V.I. government, and the citizens of St. John. They have shown themselves to be disrespectful, insensitive and untrustworthy.

Given their actions, I cannot see why they should be given one more chance. They should be forced to remove the steel framework they have erected in violation of the current zoning.
In addition, I feel they should be fined a large enough sum to get their serious attention, and thereby convince them that obeying our laws and regulations is not optional.

If this costs them their chance to make a lot more money, and puts their overblown, out-of-place, eyesore of a project on a break-even basis, or even makes it a financial loss for them, I say it serves them right.
If I so much as build a small guest room onto my little house, I have to make sure I have all my permits correct, and pass all inspections. Why should they get a pass?

Hold their feet to the fire.

Thank you,
Barbara Footer
Resident of St. John for 31 years
Michael Beason
Resident of St. John for 29 years
President, Ben & Jerry’s in Paradise, Inc.
Founder and Treasurer, Epiphany Theater Company