Don’t Give Up on St. John


I think many of us get depressed about the negative things that happen on St. John. Frankly, when we made plans to visit again for our 20th year this July, I wondered what could be new AND positive?

Well, some remarkable things did happen to us that made me see that there still are fresh and exciting experiences:

— Arguably the best chef on the island came to our residence to prepare a multi-course meal. It was superb! And he cleaned up afterwards. I felt like royalty.

— We took Guy Benjamin to lunch at Skinnys and while there, he sold two copies of his latest book. He entertained us and some first-time island visitors, who said it was the highlight of their visit. Bengy is a true icon and worthy ambassador of fresh and exciting experiences.

— Found a new (to us) and infrequently used beach with good snorkeling. There are still some out there.

— My wife bought us a moonlight sail on the Calypso. Wow!

— We reconnected with Martha Bogle of the U.S. Park Service after 27 years. Thanks to a recent Tradewinds article and picture about her, my family recognized her as our trail guide in the Smokies in 1980. She claimed to remember us too. Hmmmm — thanks Martha — I think.

— Found a new place to dine out. The food at Aqua Bistro is beautifully prepared and reasonable.

— Got invited to a pool party with a 180-degree view. Disappearing edge, great drinks and conversation, and good company. We always seem to meet interesting new folks and are happy to add them to our existing 20 year list.
Finally, good luck to Wally at the new Larry’s Landing and to Moe and Toni at Skinnys (hope you stay as is for at least five more years).
Don’t give up on St. John yet. It’s still got surprises.

Jim Golden