Double-Jointed St. Croix Fugitive Slipped Handcuffs After Escape

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When police located and re-arrested Akil Simmonds late Wednesday after a 25-hour manhunt, their first question was obvious. Where were the handcuffs?

The slim-built, extraordinarily-flexible 31-year-old Crucian demonstrated for the arresting officers how he was able to ball up his hands, hook his thumbs, and slip out of the shackles, said VIPD Sgt. Kirk Fieulleteau.

“He’s a real skinny kid,” Fieulleteau said. “My intention, when we caught him, was to put him in zip-ties.”

Simmonds was arrested Tuesday evening in Estate Mon Bijou for disturbing the peace and destruction of property related to domestic violence. In handcuffs and being escorted into the Wilbur Francis Command Police Station in Frederiksted, Simmonds ran off, police said.

Fieulleteau said he was surprised by the arrest and the escape because he knew Simmonds to be a quiet person, never in trouble with the law.

“He was scared,” he said. “He just panicked. When the officer asked him to come out, and opened up the door, he just ran off,” Fieulleteau said.

Simmonds is charged with destruction of property, domestic violence, disturbance by threats, and escape from custody. No bail was set as per the domestic violence statute. Simmonds was remanded to the John Bell Correctional Facility pending his advice of rights hearing.