DPNR Conducts Zoning Hearing for Susannaberg Properties

A screenshot from Map Geo shows the two sites In Susannaberg that are being considered for a zoning change.

The public has until June 2 to send in comments to the Department of Planning and Natural Resources regarding an application to rezone two adjacent properties in Estate Susannaberg on St. John.

Cousins Shemura Nicholson and Akil Richards are requesting a rezoning from R-1 (Residential-Low Density) to R-3 (Residential-Medium Density) for Parcel Nos. 25 Remainder and 25B Estate Susannaberg, No. 17A Cruz Bay Quarter, St. John.

They presented their application, ZAJ-24-4, at an online meeting held by DPNR on Friday morning.

The purpose of their request is to develop several multi-family dwelling units on inherited property located off Centerline Road near the popular Windmill Bar and Neptune’s Lookout Campground.

The cousins are seeking to merge their two parcels ­– one of .88 acres and the other of .92 acres – in order to have more flexibility as they construct six two-story units. Some of the units may be used for long-term residences, while others may be used for short-term rentals.

A preliminary drawing shows the outlines of six structures that the owners hope to construct for short and long-term housing. (Screenshot from online meeting)

Nicholson said they were at the very early stages of this project and have not yet completed any surveys to determine if there are any issues regarding flooding, historical artifacts, or endangered plants and animals. She said she expected the project to take between three and five years to complete.

They plan to use cisterns to collect rainwater and tap into wells and process waste water with a package treatment system for sewage.

A collage shows design details the owners hope to incorporate as they develop property in Susannaberg. (Screenshot from online meeting)

The public is invited to send in their comments regarding application ZAJ-24-4 to leia.laplace@dpnr.vi.gov by June 2.

Following the comment period, DPNR staff will make a recommendation to approve, modify, or deny the request.