DPNR Issues Storm Water Beach Advisory for Territory

Ha’ penny Beach on St. Croix

Due to the high volume of rainfall experienced throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands this week, the Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) anticipates that negative environmental impacts will be caused by storm-water runoff, high surf zones and possible sewer system overflows.

DPNR advises the public to refrain from using any of the coastal waters throughout the territory until further notification after beach testing resumes next week. It is also advising parents to instruct their children to keep away from storm water-impacted beaches as well as areas with manholes and storm water flooding. There may be an elevated health risk to anyone swimming in storm water-impacted areas as a result of increased concentrations of bacteria.

All persons should also be aware that storm water runoff may also contain contaminants or pollutants harmful to human health; therefore, all persons should avoid areas of storm water runoff (i.e. guts, puddles and drainage basins), or if any area appears discolored or has foul odors. DPNR will continue to monitor the impacted areas and waters.