DPNR Officers Cite Businesses with Rooftop Signs

The rooftop sign at the new Larry’s Landing was removed days after it was erected.

Department of Planning and Natural Resources officers were on island Wed-nesday, May 9, to inspect illegal rooftop signs at Wharfside Village and the new Larry’s Landing location, which is in the process of moving from Wharfside to Governor John deJongh’s former St. John campaign headquarters.

The rooftop signs are illegal according to the V.I. Code.

“No roof signs shall be permitted anywhere in the Virgin Islands,” according to Title 29, Chapter 3, Subchapter I, Section 231 of the V.I. Code.


Wharfside Village has been previously cited for their rooftop signage.

Larry’s Landing and Wharfside Village, along with five other businesses displaying illegal rooftop signs were cited, explained DPNR spokesperson Jamal Nielsen, who did not comment on which other businesses were in violation.

Following Wednesday’s visit by DPNR officers, the rooftop sign at Larry’s Landing was removed.


The Balcony restaurant has been cited for the improper signage in the past.


Wharfside Village, which for years has prominently displayed two promotional signs – for the waterfront commercial center and The Balcony restaurant –  has been cited for the improper signage in the past, according to Nielsen.

“They are in violation,” he said. “We’ve had discussions with them and cited them before, but it seems they have refused to comply. We will send officers out again.”

The signs at the new Larry’s Landing location were erected last week, as the bar prepared to move from its Wharfside Village location.

DPNR officers will return to ensure all businesses have removed their rooftop signs, Nielsen explained.

“We made contact with all of the proprietors, and we told them of the illegal activity,” he said. “We cited them, and we expect them to take the signs down. We will definitely be back out there to follow up.”