DPW Makes Progress on St. Croix Bridge Projects

Progress is being made on the St. Croix bridge projects, which include five sites: Altona Lagoon, East Airport Road, Queen Mary Highway, Midland Road, and Agriculture Road, the Public Works Department announced.

Currently, pile installation for the foundation of the Altona Lagoon Bridge is ongoing. Upon completion, pile driving will begin on the bridge at East Airport Road. Construction of the abutments for the support of the bridge superstructure at Lagoon and East Airport Road will begin immediately after, according to the press release.

Aerial view of Altona Lagoon Bridge (Photo courtesy DPW)

Virgin Islands Paving Inc. is constructing both bridges. Custom Builders is constructing the bridges on Queen Mary Highway and Midland Road. Currently, the contractor is designing the abutments to support the new structure on Queen Mary Highway. The temporary bridge, which is currently on island, will be erected once the construction of the abutments is completed, the press release stated.

Aerial view of East Airport Bridge (Photo courtesy DPW)

Construction at the Midland Bridge will follow immediately after. The completion date for these bridges is the first quarter of 2024. The bridge on Agriculture Road remains closed at this time, the release stated.

The scope for the permanent bridge projects includes demolition, the construction of bridge approaches, spans, decks, rails, and new roadways, according to the release.

The ongoing repairs are necessary due to the extremely poor condition of all five bridges. Motorists are asked to utilize alternate routes when possible and proceed with caution while traversing the areas, it said.