DPW Outlines Infrastructure Strategic Initiative

iWorQ vehicles are assessing roads around the territory in preparation for the launch. (Submitted photo)

The Department of Public Works (DPW) continues to implement strategic initiatives geared towards preserving, maintaining and strengthening the territory’s infrastructure. The most recent is the iWorQ Asset Management System, which launched internally in May of 2021.

iWorQ is a cloud-based, asset management software that will allow the department to manage and track work orders and assets, including, but not limited to, roads, sidewalks, guardrails, signs, traffic signals and landscaping. The software provides recommendations for repairs and pavement treatments, scheduling preventative and routine maintenance, as well as increasing roadway lifespans. iWorQ also has a Citizen Engagement Module, whereby individuals can communicate directly with DPW personnel. Through this feature, citizens can report road damages, upload photos and provide GPS coordinates of areas needing repair. DPW personnel will have the ability to respond directly to work orders and provide real-time updates for more efficient workflows and project tracking.

Training and road assessments are expected to be completed this month. Members of the community may have already seen iWorQ vehicles assessing roads around the territory in preparation for the launch (see attached photo). The target date for the citizen portal to go live is Oct. 1.

“I am excited about the possibilities and benefits of utilizing technology to make workflows more efficient,” said DPW Commissioner Derek Gabriel. “With the implementation of iWorQ, the community can look forward to better communication and greater transparency in the road repair process. Most importantly, the Citizen Engagement Module will offer more accountability and increased communication.”

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