Dr. Cool Tells IGBA Members How To Stay Cool for Less Cash

Residents could save as much as 30 percent on their monthly utility bills by doing nothing more than taking advantage of the sun’s rays.

Dr. Cool general manager Gary David explained the ins and outs of solar assisted air conditioners to about 10 people at an Island Green Builders Association meeting on Thursday evening, April 1, at Ocean Grill.

While solar assisted air conditioners do use electricity to operate, they utilize the sun’s rays to super heat gas instead of relying on the compressor to do all the work, explained David.

The units do have compressors just like traditional air conditioning units, but the solar assisted systems also include a solar collector which uses heat from the sun and corn oil as a heat transfer to super heat the gas.

“Normal air conditioners use 20 amps where the solar assisted units use only 7 amps,” said David.
Residents can take further advantage of the sun’s rays by providing electricity for the system from a photo voltaic panel.


The solar assisted units are also quieter than traditional air conditioners both inside and outside, David explained.


David and his Dr. Cool staff know the benefits of solar assisted air conditioning units first hand, since the company installed one in their Estate Pastory office.

“We set up one in our office and worked through all the tweaking,” said David. “We were kind of like the guinea pigs. We’ve been through the testing stage and worked out all the bumps.”

The units cost between 15 and 30 percent more than traditional air conditioners, but residents would save that amount in their V.I. Water And Power Authority bills within two years, according to David.

“Customers using average electrical amounts could see their WAPA bills go from $300 to $120 a month,” said David. “Our bills went down at the office. We’ve proven that this works.”

Dr. Cool carries the Sedina Aire brand of solar assisted air conditioners, which are completely made in the U.S.A. except for the collector tubes, David explained.

In the face of global climate change, Dr. Cool is committed to helping reduce its impact on the environment, David added.

“We have to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions if we’re going to make any change,” he said.

With a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of between 16 and 24, the units are simply put, eco-friendly, according to David.

The units are available in a variety of models and there are five year warranties on all parts, explained David.

Dr. Cool expects to receive solar water heater adaptations for the solar assisted air conditioners in the next few months, David added.

Using a solar assisted air conditioner could additionally pay off thanks to V.I. Energy Office’s rebate program, through which residents can save 30 percent up to $1,000 on their installation costs.

David invited anyone with questions to stop by the Dr. Cool office and check out the unit first hand, or call the air conditioning, refrigeration and appliance specialists at 693-9071.