Election Calendar and Sample Ballots for March 30th Vote Now Available

Elections System of the U.S. Virgin Islands

The Special Election Calendar and sample ballots in both districts for the initiative proposal that has been offered by St. Croix Government Retirees Inc., which will be voted on March 30, are now available. The ballot is entitled “Apportionment of the Legislature.”

People can obtain a copy of the 2019 Special Election Calendar and a sample ballot at the Elections System office or via the website: https://www.vivote.gov/elections/2019-special-election, according to a press release from the Supervisor of Elections.

A list of office locations:
St. Croix Elections Office, Sunny Isles Annex, Unit 4 (across from WAPA)
St. Thomas Elections Office, Lockhart Gardens (upstairs from Banco Popular)
St. John Elections Office, The Market Place, Suite II

If there are any questions or concerns, contact the Elections Systems offices at 773-1021 (St. Croix Elections Office) or 774-3107 (St. Thomas Elections Office) or email: esvi.info@vi.gov