“End of an Era” — Rotary Club of St. John Now Meets at Sun Dog


“It’s the end of an era,” said Rotary Club of St. John Past President Bruce Munro.

Don’t be surprised to see Rotary Club of St. John members at Sun Dog Cafe on Wednesday afternoons. After meeting at the Westin Resort and Villas weekly since the group’s inception in 1999, Rotary started congregating at Mongoose Junction’s Sun Dog Cafe recently.

The move was prompted by ongoing construction at the Westin, explained Munro.

“We used to meet at the beachside cafe and right now that is under construction,” said Munro. “When they reopen the restaurant, however, they’ll be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner there, so we won’t be able to use it then either.”

Rotary members are excited about the change of their Wednesday afternoon meetings, according to Munro.

“In the long run this opens up more opportunities for us,” he said. “We can host cocktail parties in the evenings, for example, and things like that.”

While Rotary Club of St. John no longer meets at the Westin, the resort is still a strong supporter of the group, Munro added.

“We still work very closely with the Westin and we’re hosting Flavors there on November 23,” he said.