Enighed Parking Should Open “In the Coming Days”

At least one resident last week took advantage of the just-about-complete parking facility at Enighed Pond Marine Facility, above.

Department of Public Works Commissioner Darryl Smalls announced last week in a prepared statement that the new parking lot at Enighed Pond Marine Facility would be partially opened “in the coming days.”

While it remained unclear last week if the lot was opened or not, several vehicles were spotted using the new parking area. While the lot seems complete, issues with fencing, lighting, drainage and American with Disabilities Act requirements must be tackled before the parking facility complies with all regulations.

Senator at Large Craig Barshinger urged DPW officials to open at least part of the $998,450 facility which is located on V.I. Port Authority land, was designed by architecture firm deJongh and Associates and built by Wharton Smith.

“The people of this territory paid $1 million for that parking lot and they darn well better be able to use it,” said Barshinger. “They may have to tear something up in order to improve the drainage and put proper ADA parking in place. I asked them to open at least part of the lot until then.”

“DPW said they didn’t want to open it and then have to close it,” the senator said. “I say, ‘Nonsense.’ If you have to close it in the future, at least people will have been able to use it and we might learn something about traffic flow in the area.”

While it appeared that the drainage, fencing, ADA and lighting issues arose after the lot was constructed, the architect of the project, Robert deJongh, should be called to task for the lack of planning, according to several St. John residents.

“This falls on the architect,” said a resident. “It’s an open and shut case. No question about it.”