Enighed Pond Could Open by End of March, April

The opening of the Enighed Pond commercial port, above, has been continually delayed since its expected completion last year. The port may now open in late March or early April, according to one V.I. Port Authority official.

The latest delay in the opening of Enighed Pond—a large rock in the channel—has been taken care of, and the pond could open by the end of March, said V.I. Port Authority (VIPA) spokesperson Carol Henneman.

VIPA originally wanted to move the rock before the opening of the commercial port, but large equipment needed for the project is being used in hurricane-ravaged areas affected by last year’s active hurricane season.

“They were trying to remove it because it’s easy to run aground if you’re not a seasoned sailor and don’t know the area,” said Henneman.

VIPA marked the rock with a buoy, until it can be removed at a later date, according to Henneman.

“The rock is marked, and the buoy is in place,” said Henneman on Friday morning, March 3.

The next step toward opening the pond is the establishment of a trailer for dock masters, the spokesperson added.

“I think it’s going to open really soon,” said Henneman, who admitted that the opening of the pond continues to be delayed by one problem after another. “As soon as we solve one thing, it’s something else. I’m hopeful that it will open in late March or early April.”