Enighed Pond Marine Facility To Be Named for Theovald Moorehead

The V.I. Port Authority’s Enighed Pond Marine Facility, above, will get an official name — before it is officially finished. St. John Tradewinds News Photo by Eliza Magro

The Enighed Pond Marine Facility has been after the late Theovald “Mooie” Moorehead, an original proponent of the port who is best known for his outspoken opposition to the expansion of the V.I. National Park.

The marine facility opened to much fanfare on April 21, 2006, following decades of planning.

More than 18 months after opening the facility is still surrounded by acres of dredge material taken from the former salt pond and contained in an earthen dike to dry.

Barge traffic was moved from the Creek in Cruz Bay to the Enighed Pond Marine Facility, which officials hoped would alleviate traffic in town.

Fought VINP Takeover
Moorehead, whose nickname still graces the popular bright pink landmark Cruz Bay bar now run by his daughter, Theodora Moorehead, worked hard to ensure the entire island of St. John was not condemned for the National Park, as was originally planned.

“Unfortunately, the gift horse we have accepted is permanently installed in our stable — asking for more and more room, and threatening it seems, to kick us off the island entirely if we don’t ‘cooperate,’” wrote Moorehead in a 1958 letter to the Daily News. “And ‘cooperate’ means, we have learned, simply to agree to whatever is presented.”

Moorehead lobbied government officials in Washington, D.C. and ran ads in the Washington Post to inform the public of the National Park’s plan to take over the island.

“His efforts paid off and the amendment which mandated the condemnation was defeated,” wrote Amy Roberts in the book St. John People. “Mooie became a local hero.”

Moorehead also served in the U.S. Army for 12 years, and he represented St. John for 16 years in the territory’s senate, where he co-sponsored several bills reflecting his concern for St. Johnians.

Governor John deJongh last week signed the bill to name the facility after Moorehead.


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