Enjoy Down Island Views and Lunch at Le Chateaux de Bordeaux Cafe

For the first time in almost a year, patrons soaked up the cooling breezes and amazing views from Bordeaux Mountain last week while enjoying icy frozen cocktails and crispy fried fish.

Le Chateau de Bordeaux Deck Cafe reopened under new management on Tuesday, December 1, and welcomed a steady stream of  customers eager to enjoy the vantage point again.

After the previous management shut the iconic restaurant’s doors last winter, property owner Lorelei Monsanto decided to open the restaurant herself. While the inside fine dining restaurant is expected to open shortly, for now Monsanto is concentrating on the lunch offerings — which are enticing.

Manning the kitchen is Luz “Jessica” Baez, a Puerto Rican-native who grew up on Antigua and has more than seven years of cooking experience under her belt.

At Chateaux Bordeaux, Baez is whipping up fresh cassava rolls — an Antiguan speciality — banana conch fritters and an assortment of pates.

The menu also includes fresh soup made daily, a variety of sandwiches, quesadillas, wraps and paninis, fresh catch of the day and crispy salads. Monsanto expects to add fresh lobster rolls to the menu soon as well.

While enjoying the view, customers won’t be shocked by their tabs. Prices range from $6 for a cup of soup to $20 for the fresh fish of the day. Sandwiches run about $10 and are served with chips, or cole slaw, pasta salad or sweet potato french fries for an extra charge.

To wash down all that great food, there are frozen fruit coladas and daquiris, margaritas, beer, soda and a full bar.

“I’m excited to have this open again,” said Monsanto. “We’ve got some really great food and this view just can’t be beat.”

At the grand opening celebration, customers enjoyed steel pan music played by Lynell Audain and sampled some of Baez’s scrumptious lentil soup and freshly made spiced onion rings.

“These aren’t just ordinary onion rings — they’re really tasty and they have a spice to them,” said Victoria Sansing, who was excited to have Chateaux Bordeaux back open. “It’s nice to come out to lunch without going to town and the view is incredible.”

Le Chateaux de Bordeaux Deck Cafe is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Monsanto may be waking up even earlier soon, she explained.

“We’ve had some requests to open early and serve a sunrise breakfast,” said Monsanto. “We’re going to think about that and see if we can make that work.”

Also keep an eye out for dinner inside Chateaux Bordeaux which is “soon come,” Monsanto said.