Enjoy Hearty Affordable Fare with Texas Flare at New Barefoot Cowboy Lounge

Wayne Campbell serves up daily specials and cold drinks on the deck at the Barefoot Cowboy Lounge.

Looking for a casual lunch with a strong Texan accent?

Wayne Campbell, who proudly hails from Abilene, Texas, is serving up hearty and affordable fare with southern flair at the new Barefoot Cowboy Lounge on the deck outside of Salt Water Gypsy Consignment Shop in the Lumberyard Complex.

Stop by the open-air deck and see what Campbell is whipping up that day. Regular items include chili dogs, sloppy joes, chicken salad sandwiches and slow roasted pulled pork. Nothing on Campbell’s menu is more than $8 and every dish is served up with potato chips and a pickle.

“Every day I do something different,” said Campbell. “Everything from meatloaf sandwiches to brisket with a big pot of beans.”

To wash down that fare, Barefoot Cowboy boasts a full bar, with plenty of Tequila shots flowing, wine and  literally ice-cold beer.

“I don’t have a cooler here,” said Campbell. “All of the beer is on ice. It’s ice-cold all the time.”

The expansive deck offers a bird’s-eye view of Cruz Bay below and affords breezes from every direction. There’s also plenty of games, from dominoes to backgammon, to while away a few hours on the airy verandah.

“This is what a lot of the little places are like back home in West Texas,” said Campbell. “It’s a great place to come and kind of get out of town and just chill out up here.”

The area is available for private parties and Campbell can pretty much serve up anything under the sun. The former bartender and current jack of all trades — he built the bar, installed the plumbing, painted the walls and mans the kitchen — puts on what he calls the “Wayne Campbell show” weekdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Campbell and girlfriend Laurie Toth, owner of Salt Water Gypsy, are planning on hosting family nights on the decks starting soon as well.

“We’re going to have a family night pot luck dinner one night a week here starting soon,” said Campbell.

Be sure to swing by Barefoot Cowboy Lounge for a great lunch at a price that can’t be beat and check out what’s new at Salt Water Gypsy too; Toth is always accepting new merchandise.

Grab a cold one and enjoy the country music — Campbell has more than 400 twangy tunes on his iPod for customers to enjoy. Take outs are welcome also. Call the Barefoot Cowboy Lounge at 201-1236 to put in orders and see what Campbell is whipping up that day.