Enjoy the Water in Style and Comfort Aboard Angel’s Rest

The houseboat Angel’s Rest offers one-of-a-kind day charters out of Coral Bay harbor. Guests can soak up the tropical sun on the top deck or stretch out on day bed and enjoy the view.

Maybe it’s the perfect Caribbean hues or the gingerbread detailing, but the first time anyone lays eyes on Angel’s Rest, a smile inevitably creeps across their face.

The floating lemon yellow and bright turquoise cottage in Coral Bay harbor was the brainchild of Peter Hoschl, who conceived of the idea years before he even bought the two 40-foot aluminum pontoons for the vessel.

“I always had this idea to build a comfortable pontoon boat,” said Hoschl, a veteran builder and sailor who had called St. John for more than two decades. “I saved money every year and kept planning this really islandly pontoon boat that I wanted to build. I’ve done charters for years but I wanted to do something that was different and was a real one-of-a-kind experience.”

Best described as a house boat, Angel’s Rest is a 40-foot long by 14-foot wide aluminum welded cottage that might look more at home perched on a St. John hillside rather than moored in the harbor.

Powered by eco-friendly twin 115 Evinrude E Tec outboards, however, Angel’s Rest is certainly a lot more fun floating and plying the waters around Coral Bay than it would be ashore.

“People just love the boat,” Hoschl said. “You can’t help but smile every time you see it.”

The only thing more fun than seeing Angel’s Rest cruising through the harbor, is enjoying the comforts of the house boat first hand.

A round glass-topped wooden table in the main salon sits six people, who can dip their toes in the water or watch fish swim by through a hole in the floor below.

A full kitchen allows Hoschl’s partner Nancy “Sas” Nemeth to whip up gourmet lunches of baked Brie, hot crab dip, fresh mango salsa, individual white pizzas and even flan for dessert. An oversized cooler ensures that the beverages, including beer, sodas and a full top-shelf bar, are icy cold.

Angel’s Rest, above, is the perfect vessel on which to explore Coral Bay harbor and Round Bay in comfort.

Guests can either lounge in the shade of the main salon on two fluffy day beds and gaze out over the view or kick back on the top deck and soak up the tropical sun.

A popular day charter for Angel’s Rest takes guests out to Round Bay from Coral Bay harbor for a snorkel stop on one of the most pristine coral reefs around. An  accessible snorkel platform a mere two inches from the water allows swimmers of all physical ability to easily enter and exit the boat.

Since Angel’s Rest draws only two and a half feet, the boat is ideal for accessing almost any beach in the area. The two pontoons also cut through the water smoothly, making for a comfortable ride in most conditions.

“It’s a really comfortable boat,” said Hoschl. “People who get seasick will not get seasick on Angel’s Rest. I call it a floating winnebago.”

What Angel’s Rest is not is a power boat, Hoschl added.

“There is nothing quick about this,” he said. “It’s all about having fun, taking it easy and having a stress free time. It’s really a leisure cruise to just relax and enjoy the boat, the bay and the day.”

Two fresh water showers let guests rinse off the salt water after their snorkeling adventures to enjoy the boat in the utmost comfort. An iPod docking station ensures the afternoon will be filled with everyone’s favorite tunes.

The boat is available for full and half day charters for up to six people and the captain requests no guests under the age of 13.

Hoschl is even open to custom charters like Sunday brunch, yoga or spa-themed trips.

“I think the boat would be perfect for massage cruises or spa treatments,” said Hoschl. “There is plenty of room for yoga in the shade in the salon or upstairs on the sun deck. The boat would be great for parties or weddings or retreats.”

“There are so many  possibilities,” Hoschl said.

Above all, Hoschl wants to offer a unique experience for his guests, he explained.

“We want to make it a comfortable and luxurious cruising day around Coral Bay harbor and Round Bay with guests enjoying the utmost in comfort,” said the captain.

No matter how one whiles away the time aboard Angel’s Rest, the experience is sure not to be forgotten. For more information call 514-6270 or 776-0609.