Ensuring Complaint Is on Record

Dear VIPD Commissioner Lewis,
I have been reading your column, St. John Watch, in St. John Tradewinds since its start about a month ago.

I have been a resident of St. John for almost a decade and have faced much harrassment over the the past fews years and in recent months by an individual on island.

My attorney has advised me to call the police and make a complaint with each incident to put it on the record. However, only a select few such calls have been on the police log. I have even called Leander Jurgen Command via 911 and been hung up on. In one specific incident which went unreported, I told the officer I was calling to ensure my complaint was on the record.

Each week, St. John Tradewinds publishes the St. John Police Report and I have only seen a few of many complaints that I have reported.

My question is: How does one ensure his/her complaint will be taken seriously and put on the record? One does not have much of a claim if the history of incidents doesnÂ’t exsist.

Name Withheld by Request