Exhibitors Gearing Up for Flower and Garden Show

Exhibitors from both St. Thomas and St. John are anxiously building their inventory and creating their educational presentations for the upcoming St. John Flower and Garden Show at The Marketplace. The show will run on Friday, October 27, from noon to 5 p.m. and Saturday, October 28, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., marking the event’s third successful season at the center.

The finest local plant nurseries will be at The Marketplace for two days only to exhibit and sell their extensive inventory of plants and flowers. Alfredo’s Landscaping from St. John and ABC Nursery & Landscaping (previously Skyline Nursery) from St. Thomas will be selling a wide variety of local plants on-site, including palms, ferns, vines, orchids and more. Gus Textrum will be on-hand representing Gallows Point Resort, giving out free frangipani cuttings and Christmas Palm seedlings to eventgoers.

Also for sale during the event will be more than two dozen large palm trees that have been growing in pots at The Marketplace for the past five years. The palms are outgrowing the largest pots and it’s time to find them each a new home — delivery can be arranged! Smaller palms will be added to The Marketplace to replace the ones being sold.

Also this year, PropertyKing Landscaping & Irrigation will be on-site to discuss the most effective irrigation systems, as well as examples of local landscape designs. Jim Hall from Decorative Concrete will be back to demonstrate his unique concrete finishing techniques, Bob Harsch from Goose Neck Water Gardens will be presenting his new business and equipment for the first time on St. John, as well as discussing plants that are best for filtering water. Gail Van de Bogurt from Maho Bay Clay Works will be selling handmade ceramics and sculptures for the garden, Peter Alter will be selling his handmade adirondack chairs, and Beth Eddy from Canvas by Beth will have information on the best outdoor fabrics and awnings.

And what event at The Marketplace would be complete without the Wood Turning Kids from the Beacon School Woodturning Class! Sure to spin something appropriate for your garden, you won’t believe the talent these children display. Exhibitor invitations have also been extended to local schools, inviting students to showcase at the event what they are learning about plants and flowers.

Starfish Market will have fresh pumpkins for sale and talented local artists from the Artist’s Association of St. John have been invited to showcase a Wet Pumpkin exhibit, painting fresh pumpkins on-site on Friday and auctioning them off on Saturday. Select Marketplace stores will be offering special items and discounts throughout the two-day event as well.

The St. John Flower & Garden Show is a wonderful opportunity for gardeners of all ages and skill levels to learn new planting tips and techniques from the experts, as well as socialize with other local plant enthusiasts.

For more information or last minute exhibit ideas, please contact The Marketplace management office, 776-6455.