Failure To Remove Rooftop Signs Could Cost Local Business Owners $500 Per Day Fine

Wharfside Village, which features two roof top signs, recently received a citation.

The failure to remove rooftop signs could cost some local business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The rooftop signs, which have recently been under scrutiny by DPNR inspectors, are illegal in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Following a visit by DPNR inspectors on Wednesday, May 9, the rooftop sign at the new Larry’s Landing location, which had just been erected days earlier, was taken down.

Larry’s Landing and Wharfside Village were cited, and the many other businesses displaying rooftop signs were discovered by inspectors during this visit, according to DPNR spokesperson Jamal Nielsen.

However, rooftop signs at several other businesses, including Wharfside Village, The Balcony, restaurant, St. John Eye Care, Dolphin Market and Cap’s Place, remained intact.

“The penalties will be six times the permit fee — because they need a permit in order to put up a sign — plus the original permit fee,” said Nielsen.

The DPNR spokesperson did not specify the cost of a sign permit fee.

In addition to the permit fee, businesses must pay $500 per day that they are in violation, according to the V.I. Code, Nielsen added.

For some businesses, whose rooftop signs have been displayed for years, this could equal fines of more than $180,000 per year.

DPNR inspectors will return to St. John to ensure all rooftop signs are removed, according to Nielsen.