Faith and Guiding Young Minds Keep Floreca George Active and Fulfilled

Floreca and Calvin George

As a society steward and organist at the St. John Methodist Church for more than 25 years, Floreca George has played a key role in her congregation.

“I help to do many things in the church,” said George. “I assist the pastor, keep the books, contact visitors and make various decisions about what is best for the church.”

Originally from Anegada in the British Virgin Islands, George moved to Love City with her husband in 1958.

“Things in Anegada were slow,” she said. “My husband was a builder, so we came here for work back then. He was also the tax appraiser for St. John for a number of years.”

St. John Was a Different Place
The Georges moved to St. John seeking work, but they were also attracted to the slow pace of life.

“St. John was a different place when we first moved here,” said George. “I think the biggest difference is the transportation. There are so many vehicles on the road now, it’s incredible.”

“Also, it seems that new buildings pop up every time you turn your head,” she added.

George, who raised four children, worked at a number of different jobs throughout her life.

“I was a teacher on Anegada before I moved here,” said George. “When I came here, I started first as an assistant teacher at the Baptist School. From there I transferred to the Texaco Service Station, and then to Chase Manhattan Bank.”

Staying Busy Through Church Work
The lifelong worker finally retired from Chase Manhattan Bank (now First Bank), but that hasn’t stopped George, now 77, from being active in her community.

“The church work keeps me very busy,” she said. “I am getting older, and starting to forget some things, but I love being active. I get along well with all of the young people, and I like being around them.”

George has deep religious roots, which she learned from her parents.

Deep Religious Roots
“In Anegada, we were always God-fearing people,” she said. “We were always taught to love the church. It’s how we were brought up.”

“I always feel that if I can be of some help to younger people—especially when it comes to matters of the Lord and helping to guide them in the right direction—that is my satisfaction,” George continued.

Learn More About Leaders
Black History Month is a chance for the community to take a closer look at African American leaders, according to George.

“I always feel as if we should know more about our black leaders,” she said. “We don’t know enough about these very important people. Black History Month gives us an opportunity to really delve deeper and learn more.”

Faith is the key to bringing back the sense of community that St. John used to be known for, according to George.

Faith Is Key to Community
“We have gotten away from the teachings of God,” she said. “We need to retrace our steps and seek God because He is the answer to every phase of our lives. If we know that God is on our side, all will be well.”

A strong faith can help both young and old, George continued.

“I always to tell everyone to choose God first,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how old you are; it is never too late. Let Him direct your path and everything else in life will fit into place, because He knows what is best.”

The Young Are the Future
Although George credits her church work with keeping her active and fulfilled, she said that her biggest accomplishment came when she was a teacher.

“I helped to mold many young minds as a teacher,” George said. “Teaching is such an important profession because the young are our future. We all need to do what we can to make sure that they are on the right path.”

“Teaching gives you the chance to influence the young, and that is extremely important,” she added.

Services at the St. John Methodist Church take place on Sundays at 10 a.m. Call 693-8830 for more information.