Famliy Altercation Leads to Domestic Violence Charges

Police said reports of a domestic disturbance were received from a minor on Friday by the 911 Emergency Call Center in the Croixville Housing Apartments. 

Responding officers contacted the minor who stated that she was assaulted by a family member. The victim stated that she and Bernadette Jimenez, 34, got into a verbal disagreement, that led to Jimenez assaulting her, and causing injuries. The altercation escalated further to the point where Jimenez threatened to cut the victim with a knife, stated police.

VIPD said once outside the victim laid down on the car begging Jimenez to return her cell phone however, Jimenez entered the vehicle in an enraged state. Jimenez allegedly bit the victim on her hand and drove off while the victim was on the roof of the vehicle. 

Police stated they later made contact with Jimenez who gave a  statement and admitted to assaulting the family member. Bernadette Calderon Jimenez was placed under arrest for assault in the third degree-DV, reckless endangerment first, and simple assault and battery-DV. 

According to press release, Jimenez was booked and transported to the corrections pending her advice of rights hearing at the Superior Court on, May 15.