Federal Funding for U.S. Virgin Islands Tops $1 Billion

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its partners have provided more than $1 billion to households, businesses, territorial agencies and flood insurance policyholders to help them recover from hurricanes Irma and Maria, according to a news release from the agency.

As of March 19, the funding has included:

– $74.8 million in individual assistance for individuals and households, including rental assistance, repair costs and other eligible disaster-related expenses not covered by insurance;

– $447.9 million in public assistance funding to reimburse territorial agencies for debris removal, power restoration, emergency protective measures and other eligible costs;

– $477 million in U.S. Small Business Administration disaster loans to homeowners, renters and businesses; and

– $9.7 million in National Flood Insurance Program claims’ payments to policyholders.

“With our partners, we continue to support hurricane survivors and the territory as they recover from the storms,” said Federal Coordinating Officer William Vogel. “We will be on the job as long as it takes.”

FEMA also has approved $2.5 million for crisis counseling, $2.7 million for disaster unemployment assistance, $761,108 for emergency prescription assistance and $11.5 million for disaster case management to help survivors manage their recovery process, the agency reported.