Federal Shutdown Freebie on Love City Car Ferries

The Motor Vessel Grand Vic, owned and operated by Love City Car Ferries Inc.

Love City Car Ferries is offering furloughed federal employees who live on St. John one free car ferry ride per month until the government re-opens.

“Even if you are not an avid news watcher, I am sure most of us are aware that the federal government is shut down. What we may not have known is that furloughed federal workers missed their first pay check on January 11, 2019. Who knows how many more paychecks they are going to miss before the government re-opens?” a company official said in a statement.

“For those federal employees who are residents of St. John, we feel compelled to lend a helping hand. St. Johnians know that Pillsbury Sound is our literal umbilical chord, bringing sustenance, nourishment and even medical attention via those precious seas,” the official said.

To get your free ticket, come to Love City Car Ferries offices and present an I.D. showing you are a federal worker and a resident of St. John.