Ferguson, Colaire Never Enrolled in Miami Job Corps

Despite claims by one of their attorneys that attempted-murder suspects Robert Ferguson and Nester Colaire were out of the territory because they were enrolled in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Miami Job Corps Center, officials at the center have no records of the two men being registered.

“They had made reservations to go to the Miami Job Corps before this happened,” public defender Jesse Bethel claimed at the advice of rights hearing for Ferguson on Dec. 9, asking that his client’s bail be reduced. “They weren’t running to the states and they weren’t fleeing the jurisdiction.”

However, Ferguson, 19, and Colaire, 18—who were arrested in connection with the bludgeoning murder of David Geiger, the brutal beating of his teenaged son and subsequent arson—were never enrolled in the Miami Job Corps Center, according to Janet Perales, business community liaison.

“According to our records, Ferguson and Colaire were never accepted to our program,” said Perales. “We don’t have them on our list of starting students.”

Once a student is accepted to the program, his or her name is entered into the center’s computer system, according to Perales.

Ferguson and Colaire’s names are not in the Miami Job Corps’ computer system, Perales added.