Filling Station Fill?

CORAL BAY — The Coral Bay coconut telegraph was quick to question the fill placed on a shoreline parcel along Route 107 west of the former Island Blues and, just as quickly, work stopped and the site was properly staked with silt fences before anyone could complain to St. John Tradewinds.

There were, however, no government permits for the filling visible posted at the site after Tropical Storm Erica in late August.

Of course, the nefarious Summer’s End Group, developers of the mega-yacht marina proposed for the neighboring waterfront parcels, got un-needed dis-credit for the earth change or filing on some extensions of the coconut telegraph – even though that parcel is not involved in the SEG project, SEG principal Rick Barksdale explained.

There were reports the property was to be the newest proposed site for the traveling filling station that has been parked alongside Route 107 about a half mile to the east adjacent to the Moravian Church ball field for donkey years.

The isolated community has been without a commercial fueling station since the former Domino closed several years ago, which could serve to mute some of the potential environmental opposition to siting a filling station on the waterfront adjacent to a mega yacht marina fuel dock.