Find Out Where the Senate Candidates Stand

Voters go to the polls in 2018. (Source file photo)
Board of Elections Chairman Raymond Williams says he expects 5,000 voters or more will cast ballots between Oct. 5 and Oct. 25. (Source Photo of V.I. voters at the polls in 2018)

The Source asked every senatorial candidate ten questions, to fairly give every candidate an opportunity to tell our readers about themselves and where they stand on some of the most important issues of the day. This is something we have done before.

We reached out through the contact email addresses and phone numbers provided with candidacy filing. Here are the responses from all the candidates who have responded to date. You can also click on our Elections section and see all of them, along with other 2020 V.I. election-related news.

These are the candidates who have responded so far. You can click on their name to see their responses or click here to see our ongoing V.I. 2020 election coverage.


Kurt Vialet – St. Croix

Allison DeGazon – St. Croix

Stedmann Hodge Jr. – St. Thomas

Genevieve Whitaker – St. Croix

Ray Fonseca – St. Thomas 

Donna Frett-Gregory – St. Thomas 

Jonathan P. Tucker – St. Thomas

Clint Ferris – St. Croix

Kenneth Gittens – St. Croix

Steven D. Payne Sr. – At-Large

Devin Carrington – St. Croix

Norman Jn Baptiste – St. Thomas

Dwayne M. DeGraff – St. Thomas

Samuel “Sam” Carrion – St. Croix

Alma Francis Heyliger – St. Thomas

Marvin Blyden – St. Thomas

Athneil “Bobby” Thomas – St. Thomas

Janelle Sarauw – St. Thomas

Irvin Pudna Mason Sr. – St. Thomas

Milton E. Potter – St. Thomas

Carla Joseph – St. Thomas

The following candidates have not responded as of Oct. 21:

Stephen “Smokey” Frett

Javan E. James Sr.

Michael J. Springer

Franklin D. Johnson

John McCoy

Alicia “Chucky” Hansen

Oakland Benta

James “Moonark” Wakefield

Novelle E. Francis Jr.