Fireworks Show Starts Late, But Great!


Better Late Than Never: Hundreds of people— if not more than a thousand —  filled the Cruz Bay waterfront July 4 and waited earnestly for the fireworks show to begin.While the more experienced pyrotechnic aficionados watched for the appearance of the barge launchpad just outside the entrance to Cruz Bay, the crowd partied on as the doubters worried.

Word was that festival officials were concerned the barge would not be available for setting up the show in time for a 9 p.m. performance — and they were right. Heavy demand for the two barges in service to transport regular weekend traffic in addition to festival parade vehicles from sports cars to semi tractors and trailers

The crowd never faltered in its faith in Chairwoman Leona Smith and the St. John Festival Committee, however, and the ferries kept arriving full of visitors and islanders heading for the last official night of St. John Festival 2014. When the fireworks barge arrived shortly after 9:30 p.m., word quickly spread and the show was fired off without incident starting around 9:50 p.m.