Form W-2VI Now Available at All Bureau of Internal Revenue Offices

Internal Revenue Director Marvin Pickering defends his agency's budget at Monday's Finance Committee hearing.
V.I. Bureau of Internal Revenue Acting Director Marvin Pickering

Marvin L. Pickering, EA, PHR, acting director of the Virgin Islands Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), informs the taxpaying public that 2018 Form W-2VI, the U.S. Virgin Islands Wage and Tax Statement used to report U.S.V.I. wages, is available for at all BIR offices. The request form to be used, Form W-2VI, is available on the BIR’s website at

Form W-3SS, Transmittal of Wage and Tax Statements, which accompanies the W-2VI filings, may be downloaded from the IRS Forms and Publications page at

Taxpayers with questions about the availability of tax forms should contact Beverly Hermon Beck, federal disclosure officer, at 773-1040, ext. 4215 or Audrey Delemos, U.S. claims officer, at 773-1040, ext. 2228.