Forty-Foot Trailer at BMV Lot Takes Parking Spaces

The new trailer installed at the BMV parking lot last week, above, will house the V.I. Fire Service’s administration office.

Flooding concerns near the Enighed Pond Marine Facility have pushed back the expected opening of Cruz Bay’s new parking lot, while the island lost a few more parking spaces last week.

V.I. Fire Department officials installed a trailer at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles lot last week, which will be used for the department’s administrative needs, explained St. John Administrator Leona Smith.

“We were trying to clear out some cars from the upper parking lot near where you do inspections,” Smith said last week. “We’re going to be putting a 40-foot trailer there that will be the Fire Service’s administration office. We need the cars to move to get the trailer in, but we’re not taking away any spaces once its in.”

The trailer was in place by Thursday afternoon, March 17, and officials expected no further disruptions in the BMV lot, Smith added.

Meanwhile, contractors are still fencing in V.I. Port Authority’s Enighed parking facility while completing a wheel chair ramp and handling flooding issues, according to Smith.

“They have some minor things to finish at Enighed before they open the lot,” she said. “They will be fencing in the whole place and installing a wheelchair ramp. They are also looking at the drainage situation and that all needs to come into place before they open the lot.”

“They are also taking a look at putting in additional lighting, because the area is very dark right now,” said Smith. “It doesn’t make sense to open the lot and then have to go back and fix something.”

VIPA Executive Director Kenn Hobson was at a conference in Miami last week and could not be reached for comment. Smith, however, expected the Enighed lot to be open within the next few weeks.

“We anticipate the lot to be open within the next two to three weeks,” said the St. John Administrator.