Friends of Bob Sells Asks for Your Support

Dear Editor:

The mud has been slung, the stories told and the verdict is in. Our friend Bob Sells has not only been convicted of a crime he did not commit, but now he’s being convicted of committing this crime for racial reasons.

Many of us live on St. John because it was safe; because we knew our children would be safe; because we live under the security of our American Flag; because we wanted to know and help our neighbors, and we wanted them to know and help us. What the hell happened? When did a bumping, or as the police report states, “slightly brushing” someone in a public place become a crime punishable to the tune of 5 years in prison?

Bob Sells has lived on St. John for 23 years. He has raised two sons that are now in the states doing great things with their educations and jobs. He has two more sons who are well on their way to being positive members of our community. Bob donates to school charities and sea projects. He has a smile on his face and a helping hand when you need it. Those of us who know Bob well know that he would never purposely harm anyone. Bob is not a racist and should not be labeled as such.

Bob has lost so much. His store and car were arsons after an angry government-led rally in the center of Cruz Bay. His family members were forced to move to safer homes, away from fear….and why?….all because he didn’t get along with his store neighbor, who obviously feels the same about him. So, for that, he’s looking at 5 years in prison.

When the alleged rape of Esther Frett first was reported, Bob was looking at a misdemeanor for a “slight brush”. During the government rallies by federal and local officials, followed by St. Criox sit-ins, Bob’s charges were suddenly raised to felonies, with an added civil rights charge for a supposed racial slur. He is now the victim of a conspiracy by our delegate, local officials and a police chief over their blunders in regards to Esther’s rape case.

Bob is paying for the sins of others, including the organizers of the rallies who have changed his life, and St. John, forever. Bali Bob may be a colorful character on St. John, and may not be perfect, but he doesn’t deserve this punishment.

There are too many questions about Queen Esther’s rape case, and many are wondering just what happened. The police are mum; and the feds, from the delegate down to investigators, to some of our senators…all have nothing to say now. They’ve all gone from organizing rallies to dead silence. Why isn’t anyone asking questions anymore? Has everyone finally figured it all out? All we are asking is to take a moment and pen a letter to Judge Brenda Holler to help her better understand Bob and the circumstances around him. He needs your support. All letters will be held confidential by the court, and so, you shouldn’t feel intimidated to sticking your neck out.

Please send you letter to: FRIENDS OF BOB, P.O. Box 37, St. John, VI 00830 or by email to:

Thanks for your support,
Friends of Bob
St. John