Friends of VINP Congratulate Del. on Passage of H.R. 53

Dear Delegate Christensen,

Congratulations on successfully shepherding your proposed legislation, H.R. 53, through the House of Representatives. The Friends of Virgin Islands National Park board of directors, in our most recent meeting, voted to offer a statement in support of a concerted effort by our elected, and appointed, representatives to address what we all consider to be an extremely important matter affecting the community, and more specifically, the children of St. John — the establishment of a new, state-of-the-art school, in a central area of the island, that will provide enhanced future educational opportunities available to our children. The statement is as follows:

“Friends supports the need for a new school outside of Cruz Bay, and encourages the delegate, the territorial government, and the secretary of the interior to get together to come up with a solution.”

We’ve heard a wide cross-section of our community speak loudly, and agree whole-heartedly, about the need for the responsible and empowered parties, our elected and appointed representatives, to develop a timely solution that addresses this critical need. The Friends’ statement reflects our concurrence. It’s well past time that steps were taken to address an “urgent” matter that’s been under discussion for over two decades.

Speaking personally, I appreciate your dedication, and One Campus Group’s resolve, in moving this matter toward a successful outcome for the children of our community. However, I still believe, and from our discussions I know the board agrees, that other options must be explored in parallel lest we find ourselves years down the line with no lease and nothing else in development. Until the solution is found the children of St. John will continue to bear the brunt of our inability to come to grips with this issue.

Fraser Drummond
Chairman of the Board