Geiger Murder Scene Not Secured; Fundraising for Medical Care Grows

Nathan photographed with his father David Geiger.

The V.I. Police Department did not secure the Grunwald scene of the gruesome murder of David Geiger, horrifying beating of his teenage son Nathan and arson the night following the crime on Saturday, October 29, according to witnesses.

Neighbors found 14-year-old Nathan badly beaten around 4 a.m. on October 29 and were able to get him out of the house but were not able to reach David, who was in the bedroom which was the only room on fire.

Medical examiners determined David died of injuries sustained before the fire was set.

Several witnesses who went to Geiger’s home on Saturday night said no V.I.P.D. officials were in the area and the shocking crime scene was not secured.

One Forensics Officer
There was only one VIPD forensics officer at the crime scene on Saturday, October 29. after Geiger and his son were discovered by neighbors, witnesses added.

There is only one forensics officer for the St. John district, but he receives assistance from other trained officers when needed, VIPD officials have previously explained.

Residents also contend the Federal Bureau of Investigation offered their assistance on the case and were refused by local law enforcement officials.

VIPD Deputy Chief Angelo Hill denied the allegation when questioned at a Coral Bay Community Council meeting on November 3.

FBI Can Assist if Requested “I have no knowledge that FBI offered assistance,” said FBI public information officer for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Omayra Melendez.

“We could assist if we were asked, we do it all the time, but we can’t take over a murder investigation unless we have direct jurisdiction – if it is a federal crime,” Melendez said.

“A murder investigation is not usually a federal jurisdiction,” Melendez continued. “We do many times assist the local police department if they request our assistance.”

VIPD officials did not return repeated St. John Tradewinds telephone calls for an update on the Geiger murder investigation and information regarding FBI assistance with the case.

Nathan, who is still in a Puerto Rican hospital intensive care unit, is now off of life support and coherent, but his health remains in question, according to friends.

St. John residents proved their generosity once again, donating more than $7,000 for Nathan’s care in just a few days.

Fund raising Continuing
On-going fund raising efforts to off-set medical bills and to start a private investigation into the case can be donated to the Revolving Fund at Connections. Donors should specify whether the funds are for Nathan or the investigation.

Geiger’s family and friends urge anyone in the community concerned about the brutal crime to call the VIPD Commissioner Elton Lewis.

The Commissioner’s office can be reached via the St. Croix Wilbur H. Francis Command at 778-2211.