Genevieve Marsh Questions Gov. on 40-year-old Land Donation

Dear Governor deJongh,
Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Genevieve Roberts Marsh of Estate Carolina. I am writing to you in regards to Parcel No. 6-4 located in Estate Carolina.

On January 28, 1968, my husband and myself sold Parcel No. 6-4 to the government for the intent to have the land used for recreation for the children on St. John. Being the parents of 11 children we saw the need to support the endeavor before us by Mr. Wallace, the head of Housing, Parks and Recreation at the time.

It is my understanding at this time that the parcel No. 6-4 is no longer going to be used for the purposes intended. I am willing to offer to purchase the property back for the amount paid for in the deed. I have attached a copy of said deed for your review.

Obviously the children are not an important issue, since it has been several decades and nothing has been done to utilize the land for its intended purpose.

I anticipate a return contact by February 24, 2008, on this matter.

Genevieve Roberts Marsh