GHS Goes Green with New Athletic Field

After years of planning and months of work, Gifft Hill School was looking conspicuously greener last week.

Field Turf personnel were at the St. John private school on Thursday, November 5, laying artificial sod on the playing field. The regulation flag football sized field will be used by GHS teams and will also be available for public use.

“It will be the primary athletic field for the school and will be available for community use any time people want to use it,” said Beth Jones, development director for GHS.

Fred Trayser worked with Field Turf officials to build the field to exact specifications for the high-tech surface. Once completed, the field will be soft and absorbent and won’t even get muddy after a rain storm, according to Jones.

“There was a huge amount of engineering that went into this,” Jones said. “Everything had to be done exactly to the specifications so it would drain properly. You can play on the field right after it rains — there is no mud.”

The field, the cost of which was covered by an anonymous GHS benefactor, will be officially opened for use on November 16, and school officials are planning something special for the big unveiling.