Gifft Hill School Dedicates Althletic Field to Fred Trayser

Fred Trayser, center, with son Matty and wife Aimee.

The entire Gifft Hill School student body gathered on the school’s brand new athletic field on Wednesday morning, June 2, to dedicate the facility to man who made it possible.

The Fred Trayser Field was officially unveiled after a ceremony featuring dancers, cheerleaders and heart-felt thanks from the students themselves.

Students from first through twelfth grades took the microphone to thank Trayser, a long time GHS trustee and supporter, for donating eight months of work by his crew to create the field at the St. John private school.

“Thank you to Fred Trayser for this field,” said Chloe Jarvis. “I’ve already made so many great memories on this field, memories that I’ll have for the rest of my life. Thank you.”

“Gifft Hill School was in dire need of a sports facility,” said fourth grader Ty Massacoi. “For home games we had to travel to Coral Bay to play soccer or football. Now we get to play our home games right here at our own campus.”

“We like to say that Gifft Hill School opens hearts, minds and doors,” said Jackson Barry. “Well this is just another way to open our hearts, minds and doors. Thank you.”

More than just a high-tech sports field, the facility will power the imaginations and dreams of student athletes, explained GHS athletic director Barbie Barry.

“If you build it, they will come,” said Barry. “You are standing on the field of dreams for GHS athletes.”

While the field itself is proof of Trayser’s dedication to GHS — where his own son attended until graduating last year — Trayser’s commitment to the school goes beyond turf, explained GHS board of directors president Miles Stair.

“This is a wonderful event to honor Fred today,” said Stair. “But Fred has done more for the school than just what you see at the field today. Through his work with the board and serving as president, he has done so much for GHS.”

Senator at Large Craig Bar-shinger took time out from his busy schedule to enjoy the GHS field dedication ceremony.

“I’m here because this is a landmark event,” said Barshinger. “When the community builds something significant for our children it lets them know that we are here for them and we care about them.”

For his part, Trayser was honored and humbled by the ceremony, he explained.

“I have my own cheer now, how cool is that,” he said. “I feel humbled and very appreciative of this whole ceremony.”