Gifft Hill School’s Energy Initiative Will Save More Than $1 Million Over 20 Years


Gifft Hill School will save more than $46,000 per year on energy costs with new solar system.


GIFFT HILL — Gifft Hill School has installed an Energy Initiative that will provide significant future savings and ultimately zero out the electric bill at the Upper Campus. A committee comprised of staff and trustees has been working hard on this project, which includes energy saving efforts, equipment retrofits, and a net-metered solar system.

For the initial phase of the Energy Initiative, ProSolar Systems installed 285 energy efficient LED bulbs at the Upper Campus over spring break. Last week, ProSolar installed three inverters and 126 solar panels and Angel Electric performed electrical work on a new 35 kW solar system.

The system, which became fully operational on April 14, supplements the school’s existing 12 kW array. The Energy Initiative will allow the school to save more than $46,000 per year, with a cumulative project value of $1.27 million over 20 years.

A monitoring system will be installed the week of April 20 and will provide the school with real-time tracking of electricity production and consumption. Data collected by the monitoring system will help inspire further energy savings and will be used for analysis and problem-solving in GHS science and math classes.

Gifft Hill School’s goal is to raise $153,000 to fully fund the project. GHS has received $91,000 in gifts and pledges to date and is continuing to fundraise to complete the final phase of the initiative, which involves further retro-fitting of the Upper Campus with more energy-efficient equipment, as well as costs associated with maintenance of the new equipment over the next 20 years.

Gifft Hill School is the only preschool through high school program on St. John, currently serving more than 160 students.