Gone Ketchin’s Griswolds of St. John Wins Couples Fishing Tournament


The crew of Gone Ketchin’ (left to right) Scotty Bryan, Cheri Lavert, Captain Grizz, Marcia Griswold and Jimmy Jefferies land at Honeymoon Beach on Water Island.

Gone Ketchin’ has done it again.

Fishing extraordinare husband and wife team Marcia Griswold and Captain Grizz took first place in the 2007 V.I. Game Fishing Club’s Couples Tournament, reeling in 40 pounds more than their closest competitors.

The couple weighed in a total of 73.2 pounds of barracuda, king fish and tuna on Sunday, February 11, in waters north of St. Thomas. The pair’s biggest catch weighed in at 15.9 pounds.

Bait Ball Trolling   
“The weather was beautiful and the seas were nice and calm,” said Griswold. “We came across a bait ball which is when little bait fish all hang together and the big fish nibble off the edges. We trolled around that for a while and caught a lot of fish.”

In the heat of the tournament, Griswold didn’t think she had enough fish to make the cut.

“When I was reeling them in I didn’t think they were that big,” said Griswold. “I kept saying that I needed bigger fish. But you never know what other people are going to do.”


Cpt. Grizz and Marcia Griswold took first place in the couple’s tournament.


Third Win a Row
The win marked the third year in a row that a couple on the Cruz Bay-based sportfishing boat took top honors in the couple’s tournament. Last year Scotty Bryan and Cheri Lavert claimed first at the final weigh-in.

Bryan and Lavert, who recently moved to St. Croix, were aboard the 29-foot Rampage sport fisher Gone Ketchin’ for the tournament again this year along with Jimmy Jefferies.

The couple’s tournament was the first of the small boat tournament series, which Gone Ketchin’ has won for overall points three years in a row.