Gov. Receives Sirenusa Rezoning, Must Take Veto Action by May 11

The controversial Sirenusa rezoning bill — which soared through the senate on April 17 — arrived on Governor John deJongh’s desk on Monday afternoon, April 30, according to Government House spokesperson John Greaux.

DeJongh has until Friday, May 11, to either sign the bill, making it law, or veto it. If the bill is vetoed, it will be sent back to the senate, where it must garner 10 votes to override the veto.

A number of residents have launched a telephone and email campaign urging deJongh to veto the Sirenusa rezoning bill.

“Large Number of Messages”
“There has been a large number of messages, both telephonic and email, from residents to the governor about Sirenusa,” said Greaux. “The governor will take everything into consideration. The bill will also be sent to various agencies for review, which is standard procedure.”

The bill will be reviewed by officials at Internal Revenue Bureau, Department of Finance, Office of Management and Budget and the Attorney General’s office.

“Those are the standard four that all bills go to,” Greaux said. “Since this is zoning, it will probably go to the Department of Planning and Natural Resources for review as well. The governor will look at all of the agencies’ findings and will take into account the recommendation of legal counsel.”

The senate voted 13 to 1 in favor of Enighed Condominium LLC’s request for a zoning variance in order to construct seven additional units at  its 40-unit luxury condo site overlooking Cruz Bay.

Not on Senate Agenda
The zoning variance would allow the developer to add one story to each of three buildings on the lowest portion of the construction site.

The senate vote — which was not on the agenda and was introduced by Senator Celestino White six minutes before the legislative session was to end — was received with mixed emotions by the St. John community.

Some residents derided senators who voted in favor of the rezoning, especially Senator at Large Carmen Wesselhoft, who was the subject of a slew of angry letters to the editor in St. John Tradewinds.

Other residents, mostly em-ployees and contractors, have thrown their hats in the ring with Sirenusa and look forward to its completion.

Government House officials will make an announcement once deJongh takes action on the Sirenusa rezoning bill.