Governor Issues Proclamations to Commemorate Virgin Islands History Month

Albert Bryan
Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. (File photo)

Gov. Albert Bryan Jr. has issued three proclamations to commemorate V.I. History Month, Social Work Month and Consumer Protection Week.

“The people, natives, inhabitants, citizens and residents of the United States Virgin Islands of various origins, backgrounds, races, ethnicities, colors, beliefs and religions have throughout history, as individuals and as groups, greatly contributed to the progress and enrichment of humanity locally, regionally, nationally, internationally and globally,” the governor said in his proclamation about V.I. History Month.

“It is most fitting, proper and appropriate that knowledge of these achievements and contributions to humankind be known to both the U.S. Virgin Islanders and all others in the global community.”

Gov. Bryan also recognized March as Social Work Month, with this year’s theme being “Social Workers: Generations Strong.”

“Social workers for generations have worked with other professions, community groups, lawmakers and civil rights and other organizations to bring equal rights for all, including women and people who are African American, Latino, Native American, LGBTQ and of various cultural, ethnic and religious groups,” the governor said in the proclamation. “The social work profession has been in the forefront of pushing for changes that have made our society a better place to live,

including earning a minimum wage, improved workplace safety, and social safety net programs that help ameliorate poverty and hunger.”

Bryan also declared March 1-7 to be Consumer Protection Week – which is commemorated nationally – and cited two distinct divisions within the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs (DLCA) tasked with upholding the Consumer Code: The Weights and Measures Unit and the Consumer Protection Services.

“The Weights and Measures Unit continues to perform its duties by inspecting all weighing and measuring devices within the United States Virgin Islands for the protection of all citizens, whether buyer or seller,” he said in his proclamation, also noting that the U.S. Congress enacted the first Weights and Measures law in 1799.

“The United States Virgin Islands has established the Consumer Protection Services Unit within the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs to enforce the Consumer Code pertaining to deceptive, unfair and unconscionable trade practices for the protection of the consumer.”