Grande Bay Condo Owners Begin Case Against Bay Isle

Condo owners at the Grande Bay Resort, above, continue their fight against developers in V.I. Superior Court.


Owners of condominiums at the Grande Bay Resort began their case in V.I. Superior Court Monday, January 28, in an effort to block resort developer Bay Isle from forcing them to close on their units.

The buyers of 30 units allege problems at the still unfinished development, including high levels of mold, structural issues and unfinished amenities. Buyers contend they should not have to close on their units until these issues are addressed.

Grande Bay buyer Thomas Hill III and neighboring property owner Liza Trey — who has also filed suit against Bay Isle and seeks the removal of the top two stories of the development — testified against Bay Isle in the eight-hour hearing, and Anna May Charrington, who has already closed on her unit at Grande Bay, testified on the developers’ behalf, according to published reports.

The hearing scheduled to continue on Saturday, February 2, was postponed.

In the meantime, Trey, who, along with family members Alexander Jadan, Natalie Jadan, Anastasia Trey, owns “Paradise Found,” a cottage whose views have been blocked by the Grande Bay development, filed a Lis Pendens on January 25. The action warns that buyers of units on the top two floors in buildings C and D who close, or have already closed, on their condos will be added as defendants in the Trey and Jadan family lawsuit.