Green Genie Brings Health Benefits of Sun Chlorella to Virgin Islands

Roy “Feba” Reid, above, hopes to promote good health in the Virgin Islands with Sun Chlorella and other natural supplements.


While most people know the importance of exercise and diet in maintaining good health, the popularity of a new super food is sweeping across the territory.

Already one of the most widely used supplements in Japan, more and more Westerners are now taking chlorella as a natural health benefit.

“Chlorella is a single-celled microscopic green algae brimming with nutrients that could actually fortify your life,” said Roy “Feba” Reid, the self-styled Green Genie, who distributes the super food locally. “It has all the vitamins, from A to Z, all the crucial minerals and more than 20 amino acids. And there are power house nutrients that are only found in Sun Chlorella called CGF — chlorella growth factor.”

The plant has been around for ages, but couldn’t be digested by humans until Japanese scientist  Hideo Nakayama invented the “DYNO-mill,” which pulverizes the algae’s cell wall. Nakayama then founded Sun Chlorella USA, for which Reid is a distributor.

Eliminates Chronic Pain
Reid can attest to chlorella’s health benefits because of first-hand knowledge.

“In my personal experience, before I started taking the product, I had chronic pain in my shoulder and back,” said Reid. “When I started taking the product, it was about two weeks later that I realized the pain had actually left me. I felt like a new person.”

“The energy I got was incredible,” Reid continued. “I am 45 and I feel like I’m a teenager again. From the day I felt like this, I made it my business to get the product out there.”

The seniors with whom Reid has worked for years at St. Ursula’s Multipurpose Center, also motivated him to distribute the algae supplement.

“I work with the elderly and I take them every day to get their medication for things like blood pressure and insulin,” said Reid. “This product would actually help them to come off of those medications. This product is so powerful it balances your body.”
Weakened by Medications

Personnel at St. Ursula’s were worried about one senior citizen in particular whose health was quickly deteriorating, explained Reid.

“We have this one lady who I was taking to get medication every day,” the Green Genie said. “She was really getting down bad and we thought we were going to lose her. She had a skin problem and her medications were making her weak.”

Quick Improvement
“I introduced her to the product and she took about 450 pills in two months,” Reid continued. “Her skin problem was gone and when she went back to the doctor, he couldn’t believe it was the same person he had diagnosed a month ago. Everything in her body was balanced.”

Per gram chlorella actually has twice as much protein as steak, six times more beta-carotene than spinach and five times more chlorophyll than spirulina, Reid explained.

“It actually restores your body to optimum health,” said the Green Genie. “Chlorella promotes oxygenation throughout the body and stimulates cell and tissue repair.”

Increase Dosage
The powerful supplement comes in small green 200-milligram pills, and people should start out by taking only five pills a day for the first week, explained Reid.

“It’s a strong blood purifier and detoxifier, so you want to introduce it to the body slowly to start with,” he said. “Take 10 pills a day the second week and 15 pills a day the third week and stay with that. People get frightened when I say to take  15 pills a day, but it’s a super food, so you take as much as you can use.”

While chlorella can do wonders for one’s health, it can’t work alone, pointed out Reid.

“People should eat healthy and not drink or eat junk foods while taking Sun Chlorella,” Reid said. “You don’t want to let this product work by itself — you have to work along with it. And taking the product actually curbs your unhealthy cravings.”

People usually crave unhealthy foods because their bodies are calling out for nutrients, Reid explained.

“Once you take chlorella in your body you don’t get as hungry as often and you don’t crave bad foods because your body is properly nourished,” said Reid. “It aids people in their quest for good health.”

Since chlorella supports cell and tissue growth, the supplement can be taken at any age, the Green Genie added.

In addition to Sun Chlorella, Reid also distributes eleuthero, Sunergizer, Sun Chlorella Wakasa and a chlorella skin cream.

Eleuthero is a cousin of the popular supplement ginseng, but is even more powerful. Sunergizer is a liquid energy booster and stress reducer which combines eleuthero and chlorella. Sun Chlorella cream is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream that contains the powerful green algae.

Sun Chlorella Wakasa is a concentrated liquid form of the nucleus of chlorella, which speeds up the detoxifying process, balances cellular levels and enhances metabolism, according to Reid.

Making the World Healthier
The supplements are available in a variety of packages at various prices. Call Reid at 513-4601 for more information or to place orders.

Through his work with chlorella, Reid hopes to spread health across the islands.

“I want to see people live healthier,” said Reid. “I am tired of seeing people die because they aren’t educated enough about health. You can’t just rely on the doctors — you have to seek health for yourself.”

“Once you start taking the supplements, you realize you can actually heal yourself as long as you have the right tools,” the Green Genie added.