Guest Opinion: City of Fitted Rocks


Emmanuel Prince helps to keep Pine Peace dumpster area sightly.


As we welcome in the new year and set our resolutions in motion, let us remember to treat our surroundings with care. Tourists and locals alike can appreciate our natural beauty when the eyes aren’t focused on trash.

It is hard work to constantly pick up and remove garbage every day. The many trash haulers are to be commended for their tireless efforts. We can endeavor to assist by thanking them for a job well done and making sure all the bags are in the bins.

Please do not place unwanted items in front or along side the bins. This creates an unsightly mess. Have a yard sale or wait for the next flea market event.

A group of concerned St. Johnians has created a small rock wall next to the Pine Peace bins. We are asking everyone to respect their efforts by leaving the stones in place.

Because of the high winds, debris from the trash bins is blown towards the pond and into the mangroves. We would like to erect a fence behind the dumpsters to prevent this. If any one would like to donate fencing and posts, please call 228-7439 and speak to Prince.

Once this is done, we  can organize a community clean-up. A big thank you goes out to Lance Sonson, Dave Queely and Mr. Penn for their assistance in this project.

St. Johnians, this is our year. Let us build a better St. John by taking care of God’s earth.

Special congratulations to our new Island Administrator, Mr. Camille Paris Jr. We pray that God will grant him wisdom in decision-making, health and strength to carry the vision and peace of mind when the job is done.

Let’s Roll,
Emmanuel Prince